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We are delighted to see you here on our web-site. Our company is a manufacture of wood products made of cedar, larch, oak, ash tree and linden. Perfect-done bath barrels are our pride. Only the best wood craftsmen with many years’ experience work in our company.

Our mission is

to fill the life of every person in the world
with the power of Altai cedar.

Purity of thoughts, purity of body, purity of spirit - these all unite our
company. We are the waves of one sea. We are the leaves of one tree. If one is shaken,
everybody falls. Therefore, to grow into a new tree is better together.

The main factors that determine the special attractiveness and attitude towards the manufacture of Kedar products.

The first thing we started with, and that today serves as the basis for success, is the careful selection of Siberian cedar wood and the creation of an advanced woodworking production.

Any material that does not meet the highest requirements cannot be found on our production lines which is located on a total area of over 500 square meters. The most experienced employees select and deliver the finest materials on a regular basis, and cedar wood is not subjected to chemical treatment at any stage.

The true masters of their craft work at the Kedar production site, and the principle of their work is a harmonious combination of the age-old traditions of carpentry, joinery, and cooperage with the use of modern technologies and equipment.

Our bath barrels are not only high-quality, but also beautiful! We will assemble for you a bath-barrel, which will bring you not only health, but also aesthetic pleasure, it will become a wonderful decoration of your site!

Health to all!

Eco-friendly baths made of Siberian cedar

The woody-resinous flavour of cedar affects the adaptive capacity of a person to environmental changes, its volatile production favorably affects the respiratory system, cardiovascular and nervous systems. It is good for people prone to various kinds of nervous disorders, insomnia, to spend more time alogside cedar.

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Environmental friendliness

Cedar reacts even to minor pollution. And only where there is a favorable ecology, where the nature is "pure and innocent", the cedar chooses for itself "ground under its feet." Therefore, it is called the most environmentally friendly of all tree species.

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Resistance to moisture and rot

A distinctive feature of cedar is that it is not afraid of moisture and therefore can be used where the humidity is quite high, and the very composition of the wood contains substances that kill putrefactive microbes.

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Cedar properties

Cedar phytocides disinfect the air. The air in such rooms is almost sterile, which favorably affects the state of health. What about allergy? Absolutely out of the question: it simply cannot be!

Baths made of centuries-old trunks of Siberian cedar: advantages

  • Naturalness: 100% solid wood.
  • Environmental friendliness: 0% formaldehydes and adhesives.
  • Cedar profiled beam is a modern high-quality material, unlike pine it does not twist.
  • Chamber drying provides maximum strength and, at the same time, installation flexibility.
  • The life span is more than 2 times higher than pine wood made constructions.

Material Features:

  • Antimicrobial properties Phytoncides of cedar disinfect the air, which favorably affects people's health.
  • Cedar wood is warmer than other types of wood.
  • Siberian cedar wood is resistant to temperature changes and, by virtue of essential oils, wards off insects.
  • Cracks during drying in a cedar timber are fragmented.


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