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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why you should choose us?

To answer this question we can use only one word- Quality. Our bath barrel is assembled by the best craftsmen who have many years of experience working with wood. We pay attention to every detail that is made by hand during production of a bath barrel. We use only the best materials.

Why cedar?

Cedar contains oils and phytoncides which have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory systems.

What is the difference between a bath barrel and a regular bath?

* The most important difference between a bath barrel and a regular bath is the cost. Cedar bath barrel cost is from three hundred thousand rubles | Regular bath cost is from one million. * It is mobile, so it is not subject to taxation (article 130.1 of the Civil Code of the RF.). * Another advantage is that a bath barrel is a saver of time and strength during the assembly. You can get our bath in 10 minutes, and in 10 days it will decorate your site. * There is another important difference -the size, our bath barrel takes up three times less space on your site without losing its functionality.

How to install a bath barrel?

A bath barrel is installed on any flat surface so that its bases (legs) do not touch directly the ground (there should be a stone, brick, gravel laying).

Why are additional bars needed?

Additional bars raise the bath above the ground and minimize the possibility of subsidence of the soil under the bath. They are easily replaced in decades. The bars are planed and treated with an antiseptic.

Is it difficult to maintain a bath barrel?

After steaming, you need to put a little firewood into the stove, open windows and supply and exhaust valves to remove moisture. You need to adjust the tape in winter and summer when thermal expansion of wood is observed (Depends on the climatic zone).

How quickly does a bath barrel heat up?

Due to the absence of corners, a bath barrel warms up in just 30 minutes. Low firewood consumption and high efficiency. Keeps temperature for a long time due to the specific round shape. 25% less heat loss due to lack of corners.

How long does the heated bath keep warm?

In winter if you turn off the stove and do not open the doors and windows, the temperature in the steam room drops from one hundred to sixty degrees in two and a half hours.

How fireproof is a bath barrel?

Around the chimney pipe there is a custom-made AISI 439 stainless steel passage unit with kaolin wool. A sheet of Minerita with ventilating ducts is installed on the walls and floor under the stove to remove temperature. Minerit and basalt cardboard are also used around heating flue in stoves with stoveholes in an adjoining room.

Why do we use Magma sandwich chimney pipes?

-Reliability The pipes are provided with AISI 439 stainless steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm with a temperature resistance of up to 850 ° C - Safety Two-component insulation of 50 mm is specially designed for sandwich chimney pipe. At the temperature of 500-550 ° C inside the pipe, the external circuit heats up no higher than 95 ° C (25% below the market average) - Design for manufacturability Butt welding of metal in pipes provide a quality and reliable welded seam - Aesthetics The chimney pipe is painted in black powder-coated paint and fits most stoves and fireplaces in style. -Service life All this advatages allow us to provide a 15-year warranty on MAGMA chimney pipes!

Why do we use GrillD stoves?

-Certificated products in the territory of the Russian Federation and the EU - Operation economy (Cometa Vega, 5.7 kg birch firewood per hour) - Lack of infrared radiation (Cometa Vega 80% protection, Cometa Vega Stone 98% protection) - Lack of convection (Cometa Vega 70% protection, Cometa Vega Stone 95% protection) - Ease of use (Cometa Vega does not need special skills, it is easy to heat and get steam) - Fine steam (Cometa Vega, steam temperature over 400 ° C) - Soft heat from the stove (Cometa Vega Stone 60%, Cometa Vega Stone 100%) - Different steam option (Cometa Vega open heater - steam 200°С, funnel 1-300° -350° С, funnel 2-400°- 450°С) - Design (The entire range of stoves is painted black and has a unique design) - Stove life (if made of 09Г2С - at least 2000 hours of operation, if made of AISI 439 - at least 5000 hours of operation) - Affordable price (Cometa Vega is the most affordable stove in the market that meets all the above requirements)

Why do we need hoops?

Any wood is a living material. It accumulates water from the air and rainfall. Adjustable hoops make it possible to adjust the tightening of the bath barrel, depending on the dryness and humidity of the season. In our technology, the hoop does not carry the main bearing function and is mainly designed to strengthen the structure in transportation and installation. Therefore, after installing the bath in place, it is necessary to adjust the tightening of the hoops so that the hoop moves freely (sagging freely) and the distance between the hoop and the surface of the bath at the bottom of the bath is at least 3 cm. This is necessary to compensate for the effect of natural expansion of the wood on the design of the bath (sagging doors, prevent damage to the wood profile) in rainy and wet period when the wood collects moisture. Tighten the hoop only when moving and transporting the bath.

How is wood protected?

From external influences: rain, snow, the sun and insects, mold and fungi, the outer surface of the bath is treated with a long-acting antiseptic, which: - forms an elastic, water-repellent, breathable coating on the surface, which is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions. - It contains highly effective biocides to protect wood from mold, rot, blue stain, and algae common in Russia. - Due to its light-resistant pigments, it protects wood from the harmful effects of UV radiation. - Wax enhances the water-repellent properties of the coating. - Natural linseed oil provides the protective film with elasticity and prevents it from cracking. We recommend you to treat the inside of the bath with the Finnish composition Tikkurila SUPI for indoor treatment of saunas and wet rooms. The composition contains anti-blue and mildew components and forms a dirt and water repellent surface.

Why do we use Sikins materials for the external coating?

Sikkens, part of the Akzo Nobel concern, is one of the most famous paint and varnish product developers in the world. This company specializes in the production of decorative coatings of the premium segment used in the repair and construction. Sikens products are used for work on most types of surfaces: wood, metal, stone, plastic, cement and some others. Among decorative coatings, this company also produces a large range of related materials - putties, primers, varnishes, impregnations and even solvents. All together Sikens manufactures a full range of materials that may be needed to paint a surface, which makes it possible to use whole coating systems of this manufacturer. And this allows you to achieve the best results when painting. The company's enterprises are located in Belgium and the Netherlands. Only the most advanced technologies, the best raw materials and qualified personnel are used during the production process. This, along with strict quality control of products and high environmental friendliness of production, allows Sikens materials to be so in demand in the market.

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